At MISL we are proud to have several high profile partnerships with allied organisations in the information technology, equipment, document management and software arenas. In the below sections we have detailed our partnerships and how we work together.


MISL works closely with Kodak Alaris in several key areas. The first area is in relation to the Kodak scanner hardware and associated software. For many years now MISL has chosen Kodak document scanners as our machines of choice for high quality document scanning. Most recently, for a project we are delivering for a large NHS Trust, MISL selected 2 Kodak i5800 scanners and 8 Kodak i5600 scanners as the scanning technology at the core of a new dedicated scanning facility.

The scanners are complemented by, in our opinion the best document scanning software, Kodak Capture Pro. Capture Pro, after much testing of the different products in the marketplace, was selected as the most user friendly and powerful scanning software we could find.

MISL is also pleased to be a reseller of the Kodak Alaris Info Insight Platform. Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging solutions enable customers to capture and consolidate data from digital and paper sources, understand and extract valuable insight from the contents, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

For more information about Kodak Alaris and its partnerships, please click here.


MISL and Folding Space have developed a partnership because of their innovative software solution. Folding Space have developed an astoundingly innovative approach to enterprise record and document management. We are working with Folding Space on several projects including a research project in collaboration with Aston University in Birmingham.

Folding Space’s innovative approach to Electronic Record & Document Management (ERDMS) is a refreshing modular alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ monolithic offerings from traditional EDM suppliers. Because their objective is to significantly improve system operating speeds and the user experience, increase program flexibility and dramatically reduce licensing, programming and maintenance costs.

The Folding Space is a critical difference too. Because it means you can see all the documents relating to a Record on one screen, all together, simultaneously, irrespective of their file format. So a Word document displays alongside a scanned paper document, a diagram displays alongside a letter, an email alongside a report, and so on. This means there’s no more having to open a PDF with Acrobat, or a Word doc using Word, or a scanned image using an Image Viewer. Every document viewed together in one screen – a Single Unified View – and a complete picture of every Record (e.g. for a Client, Customer, Patient, Pupil, Student, Supplier or similar).

And with instant searching, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring not to mention document expiry & version control, the Folding Space approach to ERDMS is a real breakthrough in both performance and price.

MISL is pleased to announce that the Folding Space software suite will be installed within MISL to manage and co-ordinate all of our scanning and logistics. Look out for announcements about the project soon.

For more information about Folding Space, please click here.


HP, as the worlds biggest information technology company is a name that everyone recognizes. MISL is a partner organisation of HP and provides specialist scanning services for their Advanced Document Solutions division.

MISL is brought in to provide scanning services for particularly challenging materials such as microfilm, microfiche and difficult paper originals. Some of the projects carried out by MISL for HP have involved converting over 300 million document images and extracting text information intelligently for use in database applications.

For more information about HP, please click here.


For Netcall, Customer engagement is much more than communication, it expands to the seamless handling of daily business activities. Satisfied customers mean more productive organisations with lower costs and motivated staff, so their goal is to ensure clients who use our solutions engage more effectively with their customers. Armed with Netcall’s significant development expertise and understanding they create, maintain and support a full range of applications tailored for both the public and private sectors, as well as customised for specific groups within them.

MISL has been working with Netcall for some time to provide specialized scanning solutions. Our expertise has been utilized to capture paper documents and classify them for use within Netcall’s document management software in several sites across the UK. The relationship has been very productive and we are confident that there will be more projects where we can provide our services in the near future.

For more information about Netcall, please click here.

Emis Health

Emis Health provide every health sector with innovative technologies, from market-leading clinical management systems to health analytics tools – combined with unrivalled customer support.

They have brought together the divisions of EMIS, Ascribe, Digital Healthcare, Indigo4 and Rx Systems joining up healthcare.

MISL is working with Emis Health to help various NHS organisations to digitise their medical records.

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