Backbone EDRMS

Electronic Records, Document & Data Management System

Every MISL Backbone solution delivers a Single Unified View of records, documents and data as appropriate. So every file or document – whether it was originally scanned, digitally created, an email and its attachments, or report/results output from any database system – can be viewed together in one screen.

Single Unified View (SUV)

With our SUV, a Word document displays alongside a scanned paper document, a diagram displays alongside a letter, an email alongside a data report, and so on. And that means the user avoids the repetition of opening and closing documents with their native program – opening & closing a PDF with Acrobat, then opening & closing a Word doc using MS Word, or the open & close of a scanned image using an Image Viewer.

Our Single Unified View approach is unique in the marketplace because it means you can see all the documents & files & data in one screen, simultaneously, irrespective of their file format – every document viewed together in one screen – a Single Unified View – and thus presenting a complete picture of every Record (e.g. all the documents relating to a Client, Customer, Patient, Project, Pupil, Student, Supplier or similar).

Electronic Records, Documents & Data Management System (EDRMS)

Our innovative approach to EDRMS is a refreshing modular alternative to the ‘one size fits all’ offerings from traditional EDM (Electronic Document Management) suppliers. Because our objective is to significantly improve system operations and user experience, increase program flexibility and dramatically reduce licensing, programming and maintenance costs.

From the ‘paperlite’ scanning of paper documents as well as the ingestion of digital documents plus incorporation of any kind of electronic files & folders, we deliver solutions for departments (e.g. Finance, HR, IT, Production, Engineering, Sales/Marketing, etc) right through to enterprise-wide records, documents & data unification and management.

Our EDRMS innovations provide instant searching, finding, filtering and reporting plus automated alerting, auditing and monitoring not to mention metadata management and document expiry & version control – everything needed and immediately to hand to enable real data, document & record management not just file & folder administration (e.g. shared drives, file plans) as with others.